Value opportunity and locating entry Chapter 1

Value opportunity and locating entry Chapter 1

After Long timespan we had almost 12 months of Crypto declining as the market rose to great hights!.

Now we are looking to re-take new positions as of the indicators are close to its former normalization levels.

In the declining time of the crypto markets we have gotten to the conclusion that some little catalist will be it’s last ripple in the market.
Sentiment wil change to its upper state so when the big turn up kicks in the baskets will be filled at good solid points.
For the on-comming quarters 3th and 4th we focus on price entry levels!.

Our fund is non leveraged and the current market is still in leveraged status.
This will mean the synthetic orders of depleading coins will be more serious.

As result of our research we are able to invest a good liquid chuck of asset inbuy
Soon we will give the first buyins of Mcoin for the first Chapter.