Chapter 1 year 2024 Roadmap Future

Brace for price impact
Whales move 200 million to exchanges

Price volatile vital warning
The spark of degree
Mysterious transfers
Price crash

Re-value and relocating Chapter 1 year 2024

Sub Investment Mooncoin
Sub investment Dogecoin
Trajectory LTC market Sniper Analize EAS State
SIM-(Sub Investment Mooncoin)

A very good Moon-Doge market,
the volume of trades increases,
see movements in the doge market now

Steady anticipate structure improvment batch buy
create Liquid Base for (X) Ammount for potencial extern investments
Liquid Money Flow
repackage assets chain to a token/coin.
open up buyin contracts.
create vault system for a store of value quaterly or yearly
Calculate Annualized Returns (With an Example)
What is ‘human effort
Worked example: Order of operations

Evaluating for Disability
About Your Development
Calculate your startup/buyin costs
Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation
How You Qualify | Disability Benefits
Myths and variations in normal pubertal development
What is your carbon footprint?
How to get a free or low-cost private evaluation